Wednesday, August 29, 2007

travel notes...

Aloha to Honolulu... got on my standby, yesh. Watched Karate Kid at the airport ++

Aloha to Oakland... serves you hot sandwiches AND warm cookies and milk after the inflight movie +++

ATA to Chicago... bitches to deal with. have to reclaim bags from aloha (takes an hour, cause it's ridiculous and oakland) get into long ATA line. get to the front of the line. supposedly my bag is overweight (though i'm not allowed to see the scale) but everything is waived because my flight is already boarding. dash and run, call mum to tell her dad is never allowed to buy airline tickets again. on the flight, between an obese narcoleptic woman who continually wakes me up by jogging my shoulder every time she wakes up. she also kept the shade open, and we were right by the flashing light on the wing. the woman on the other side of me was on her computer the whole time, with the overhead lights on. needless to say, i slept about 15 minutes, when i needed to sleep the whole flight. -----------

Southwest to Nashville... reclaiming bags again, took my allergy medicine i forgot, took preemptive migraine meds, weighed my bags, which were exactly 50 pounds each. those ATA bastards. got through security in... 5 minutes. 6am is a good time to go through Midway. Talked to mum again, a little perkier than the time before. Finished the Karate Kid... got on the flight... remembered how much i freaking LOVE flying southwest. they acted out the entire safety demonstration, complete with sound effects. it was rather terrific. all my bags ended up in nashville, and i even had time to brush my teeth and change my shirt before the kentucky van came to pick me up. ++++++

the only downside to the travel is that i feel nauseous from not sleeping enough. but it's wednesday morning, and i think i feel alot better.

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